Poster by Evangeline Gallagher
An introverted highschooler faces the tension between her increasingly religious best friend and herself after realizing that she may have predicted a tragic murder.

On the night before their first day of junior year, Marcy, a critical yet thoughtful 17-year-old girl, and her best friend Gaby lie awake in bed at a sleepover. When they exchange expectations for the coming year, it is revealed that the two have recently encountered tension within the friendship due to Gaby's new dedication to a religious organization. Marcy has an intuitive feeling that something bad is going to happen that coming year. This intuitive feeling is realized later when the two stop for an emergency vehicle one day on their way to school, and it is revealed that Marcy's classmate and neighbor was murdered in a domestic incident early that morning. In order to make sense of the trauma, this incites a challenge in Marcy to reconsider her belief as to why things happen, and whether or not her intuition could indicate the existence of God. After school, upon finding a religious flier on her windshield attempting to recruit her in the wake of the incident, Marcy realizes that her very fear of the unknown is the same her best friend became a victim of. At the end of the film, it is revealed that the narrator throughout the movie is the real-life version of Marcy, telling the story nearly 4 years after the incident.
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